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shermin sathi
Apr 07, 2022
In General Discussions
And it's harder than ever to make your brand stand out. A way to cut through the noise? Impress them with a great email design. In this webinar, we looked at email design trends over the years. What did email look like in the early 2000s? Which trends joined the winner's circle in 2019? And what will be huge in 2020, or even 2030? The really good emails team joined us on a trip down memory lane of email design and helped us make predictions about what's next. Didn't get a chance to watch the webinar live? Don't worry. You can access the full recording at any time and read the q&a below. Questions and answers a big thank you to everyone who responded to the webinar with a question! Here's a recap of our answers to the company mailing list most common questions, as well as our take on some of the questions we didn't answer during the live webinar. Do you have additional questions? Please leave them in the comments. How do these email design trends differ between b2c and b2b? Mike nelson : these trends are consistent across b2b, b2c, and nonprofit. Just because you're in one vertical doesn't mean you can't use another's design ideas. The one vertical that seems to have its own style is government emails, which are usually text-heavy. What's the best way to use white space, now that dark mode tends to make it harder? Mike : it seems a little confusing to call it "White space" when really it just means empty space. Mike : unless you're writing a long article and using email as your medium, try to limit your paragraphs to a few sentences. Use bullet points where you can to summarize ideas. Use special characters such as to create visual breaks between ideas. We have great text and letter style email examples in this collection on rge . Lily : I agree with jason. Using different font sizes and weights – and perhaps a few different font styles to create some hierarchy – will help make an email scannable and digestible. You can certainly be creative with typography; there are some beautiful examples of text-only emails at the bottom of our bold typography blog post . Is there a way to make animation and animated gifs accessible? Lily :
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shermin sathi

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